What are my waterproof flooring options?

What are my waterproof flooring options?

At Staggs Floor Covering, we can talk about waterproof flooring options. Know that waterproof floors are the best option for protection in your home from water. But you have other options also to consider. These are options like visuals, décor, lifespan, and functionality. Some materials deliver on all these options, so let's look at them.


Waterproof laminate is a solid option for you; it can look like wood, stone, tile and match any décor. It can manage the humidity, moisture, and dampness well. It is striking in appearance, and it will stay current for years to come.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl comes completely waterproof. It is stunning and is highly functional for your needs. It has several looks to it, including wood, stone, tile, and brick. The imaging technology is so good today that you may think you're looking at the real thing when you first look at it. It generally comes at an 8-millimeter thickness at the core, but you can get 20 millimeters thickness to extend the lifespan of the flooring. It comes in planks or tiles. After the installers are done, you can walk on it right away.


When we talk tile, we aren’t just talking about regular ceramic tile. We are talking about impervious tile. This type of tile is entirely resistant to water, as the tile in your bathroom. It can go in your kitchen, foyer, or laundry room quickly. It is easy to clean, and its unique looks will enhance the rooms in your home instantly.

At Staggs Floor Covering, we want you to have the best floor for your home. So talk to us about your requirements and concept ideas. We will walk you step by step from idea to decision, to purchase, to installation. We have a showroom in Marion, IN, and our service areas are Gas City, Kokomo, Wabash, and Alexandria. Let us go over your waterproof flooring options and help you make the best decision for your home.
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